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Why SafetyINC Is The Best Choice For You

We are an affordable and complete solution to your companies safety requirements. With a proven track record we can guarantee safety compliance for your company. Learn more about our customized Health and Safety Manuals, and our Safety Services below.

Health & Safety Manuals

Health & Safety Manuals are custom made for each client, created specifically for your company needs, starting at only $349. The safety manual is customized with your name, policies, procedures and forms relevant to your scope of work, and meets all your local provincial and federal regulations.

Health & Safety Manual will satisfy Certificate of Recognition COR requirements, for both SECOR program (small employer, under 10 employees), and COR program (larger employer, over 10 employees)

Health and Safety Services

We specialize in Contractor Management and Pre-Qualification, with providers such as ISNetWorld, ComplyWorks, Avetta, Contractor Check and other providers. We create custom safety programs and complete all account questionnaires until your contractor management account is verified and approved.

We also offer monthly maintenance for your ISNetWorld, ComplyWorks, Avetta, or Contractor Check account. Checking on your account twice per month, and performing any updates as required to keep your account up to date. Monthly Maintenance is offered for a low flat rate fee of $75 per month.

More About Us

You Have Your Own Safety
Program And Just Need Some

Health and Safety Program Development

Review and Maintenance

Assistance Safety Policies and Form

Emergency Response Planning

Pandemic Preparedness

Incident Investigation & Root Cause
Analysis, documents and forms creation

Hazard Assessments and other form

Monthly Maintenance for contractor
management accounts (ISNetWorld,
ContractorCheck, Avetta &

COR & SECOR Safety Audits

COR & SECOR Assistance monthly
maintenance assistance, and program

Assistance Safety Policies and Form

Contractor Management and Pre-
Qualification (ISNetWorld, Contractor
Check, Avetta & ComplyWorks)

Subcontractor Management policies and
form creation

Safe Job Practices and Procedures

Formal Hazard Assessment & Critical Task

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Quickly complete and store all of your safety documents in one place. Maintain your safety program with digital safety forms. Fill out safety forms anywhere, anytime, on any device.